Join us!

There are continuous opportunities for staff, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students in Prof. Zhang's group. Welcome to contact us for further information


Two~three staff positions are available now. We provide very competitive compensations for highly qualified candidates. Applicants working in the fields of inorganic chemistry, nanomaterials, electrochemistry, and energy storage are expected. But experienced scientists in other related fields are also welcome to apply. Especially, people with the experience in lithium ion battery and theoretical calculation are encouraged to contact us.

Postdoctoral associates

New PhD graduates are welcome to contact us for early interview prior to graduation. We are expecting to have highly motivated PhDs in our group and to provide them with open academical environment. Our research focuses in the fields of nanosynthesis, functional device fabrication, electrocatalyst, energy conversion and storage, but not limited to them. Applicants are also welcome to discuss other promising fields. Positions remain open until filled. Please feel free to contact us at

Graduate Students

Graduate positions (M.S. or Ph.D) are available now. Students with the background on chemistry or material science are qualified to apply. Academic achievement and scores are important but not the exclusive standard. Applicants must be highly motivated.

Undergraduate Students

Our group supports undergraduates for lab intern and the "college student creation program". Contact us for further information.

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